Some things work and some do not

I have been trying to get this up for a couple weeks now but things have kept getting in the way. Well, I have finally had a full weekend off and spent both days sewing. Saturday on clothing (I have so much to learn) and Sunday on quilting (to recover from Saturday failures).


Okay, so I'm not sure if I've posted this yet or not but I sell Bernina sewing machines. I think I might have but if not, I do. I admit that I came into this more from my mechanical/technical and teaching strengths, not from my sewing strengths. Those, I am working on. So, one of the things I need to learn about is Bernina's My Label. I would love to hear from any of you if you have used My Label and what your thoughts are on it. Since I am so green when it comes to garment sewing, I am really starting from square one. I have saved two models because I had two people measuring me. I am in the process of qualifying my model with the tunic and it was hilarious! The tunic looked awful on my model and I have to say, that after I made the muslin, it looked exactly like that on me! Too awful to even take a picture. I will go back and read what to do now.

The second top I sewed was also a tunic top from Indygo Junction. Please remember I am beginning here and that I work at a quilt shop so this pattern was available to me. I had cut the pattern for an extra large and then looked at the measurements and decided I needed the large so guess was too small. Other than that, I think it is kinda cute.

Take a look. The turquoise shell is a separate from my closet.

I didn't even hem it after I found out it won't fit me. I will get the hem finished and it will be fine for a store sample, I guess. I have to learn how to adjust for full bust, as that is where the biggest problem was (no pun intended). I'm so bummed because I cut all those little bits off the pieces. I did save them and I will try to reattach when I am feeling calm.

So, today I decided to do a little quilting and bring my spirits up. After all...there is no fitting in quilting. I posted before about the class I took, French Braid. Here is the finished quilt top. This would be the thing that worked this weekend.

It was an easy quilt to sew but quite a challenge to select all the fabric. Almost all of this fabric came from my stash. Two fabrics came from friends and I had to buy the border fabric. I just LOVE this quilt. I think it is my favorite of all I have ever made.'s a Christmas present.

I'll get a better picture at work tomorrow.


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